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In our blog you can find other articles, where we already discussed some famous brands and their different characteristics. Some of them are about Antica Murrina Jewels , Trollbeads Jewelry anThe latest trend of silver jewelry, Tianguis Jackson.

The latest new entry on our website is Calvin Klein. Everybody knows cK: the worldwide company was founded by designer Calvin Klein and his childhood friend, Barry K. Schwartz and has its headquarter in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.
What you see now, is an American luxury fashion house that started its journey and established itself back in 1968. The reason behind its continuous and timeless fame is that it has different and various sectors of specializations that can reach different publics. Some of these branches are the exquisite leather, wearable lifestyle accessories, many home furnishings and obviously perfumery, jewelry, watches and ready-to-wear.

The history of Calvin Klein and his company

The history of the company starts in the early '70s. Calvin Klein first goes to New York in 1968 because he wants to set up a shop, and he accomplishes it in the York Hotel. The designer’s goal is to create a collection of "youthful, understated coats and dresses” and his journey starts with more or less nothing. Luckily, he quickly gains popularity among the fashion-forward New Yorkers and is featured on the cover of Vogue magazine in September 1969 - the most important issue for a fashion magazine.


Calvin Klein Jewelry UK

Calvin Klein’s global success

Even today Calvin Klein continues to dominate in the casual, contemporary fields of fashion remaining relevant from season to season in each and every sector he decided to try in the years. These days many young and famous icons are the various faces of Calvin Klein’s campaigns, always creating scandals and astonishment among the public.

Calvin Klein's global reach is anything less than downright impressive. They have a vast reach into licensing deals with fragrances and accessories among an abundance of other branded products has made them one of the most easily identifiable labels of the modern day - all while remaining understated and relatively minimalist. One of this collaboration, one of the most know, is the one with Swatch Group to create cK Watches in 1997. This new watch brand has striking, refined and contemporary graphic lines and this creates the fashion accessory watch. It now offers over 200 different models, available in more than 60 countries, all boasting Swiss-made quality and designed to appeal to all tastes. Calvin Klein watches come in a variety of clean, minimal designs, typically with either a stainless steel or PVD finish.

Calvin Klein’s Jewelry

Our attention is focused on the jewelry collection. It’s in 2004 that there’s the cK Calvin Klein Jewelry line launch on the market. The perfect ideal for this new starting point for this new branch is pure, refined aesthetic that radiates sensuality. Success is obviously immediate!
Today, the brand is forging ahead, characterized by its essential sexy image that translates refined lines and numerous metal surfaces into sensual curves.


Calvin Klein Jewelry

One of the key jewelry sets for the season is the elegant Calvin Klein double bracelet. Polished stainless steel and PVD pink gold come together to create a uniquely layered elliptical form. This highly dimensional offering includes a ring, cK earrings and a lot of different colours for the same model of the bracelet.

Ck Jewels UK

If you're looking for something different, with more defined lines, we offer the Calvin Klein Gold Tune Bracelet. The Calvin Klein Tune Collection, other than bracelets, offers necklaces and earrings too. Every product is available in two different colours!

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