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If you are looking for original men's fashion accessories, you should take a look at Duncan Walton collection. This brand offers cufflinks, bracelets, and tie slides from elegant to a sporty design.

Let's discover something more about Duncan Walton's history and what makes it unique.

The history of Duncan Walton

For more than 27 years, Duncan Walton group has been creating stylish and exclusive male accessories. The company was founded in the early 90s, and since then it has been growing as a worldwide known brand. The founders, Thora and Duncan Walton, strongly believe in the freedom of artistic expression.

They create embellishments that reflect your personality and way to express yourself. Duncan Walton designs find inspiration in the arts, architecture and the elements. They always research new ideas and techniques to create innovative designs.

Their jewels arise from detailed hand-drawn sketches, that are continuously improved until they are satisfied with the final result. Then they use a 3D modelling software to see how the final item will look like in its final material combinations. Only when the team is convinced of the design and details of the creation, the jewel will be produced. This is a long process, that makes each item unique and sophisticated, since the craftsmen pay particular attention, care and passion to every single detail.

Duncan Walton's beliefs and aims

"We are inspired to create unique but wearable fashion." These are words of the founder of the brand. Their main objective is to create luxury and unique accessories that are affordable for everyone. They look for quality products that can be worn by everyone and in every occasion.

Duncan Walton team strongly believes in the importance of love and passion in what they create. Furthermore, they think that their customers will appreciate their products only if they put love in what they create. And this makes the difference.

Shop Duncan Walton Collection on The Secret Garden

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The Secret Garden offers Duncan Walton cufflinks and Duncan Walton bracelets  to its male clients, but also to those women that want to surprise their men with an exclusive gift.

There are cufflinks for every taste. You can find items with a more classic design, like the Duncan Walton Cufflinks Radan Gunmetal. They are gunmetal-plated, with matte and polish stripes enriched with Swarovski crystals. You should choose Duncan Walton Cufflinks Easton Grey to add colour to your look. Besides the bright red, these cufflinks are unique for their stones, Swarovski crystals and bespoke swivel clasp.

Duncan Walton bracelets UK online shop



Another accessory that will never go out of fashion is the bracelet. For a clientele with a more sporty personality, The secret Garden proposes braided leather bracelets in different colours and clasps.

Among these stands out the Duncan Walton Bracelet Foster, made with genuine Italian matte leather and with a secure slider clasp. The Duncan Walton Bracelet Birch is characterized by ease of wearing, Italian vintage 6mm braided leather and rhodium plated end caps.

Instead, the Duncan Walton Bracelet Verdant (steel or black) is suitable for a more simple, but meanwhile elegant, style. It is made by stainless steel and detail of elegance is the clear Swarovski crystal that gives also bright to the bracelet.

To complete your outfit, The Secret Garden offers also tie slides by Duncan Walton. The Duncan Walton Tie Slide Carin RG is a gunmetal- and rose gold-plated tie slide with an engraved textured detail running the length of the plating. You can also buy the Duncan Walton Tie Slide Boulby Ruby with a more linear style. What makes this tie slide precious and exclusive is the ruby and its half matte and half polished design.

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tie slides by Duncan Walton


Another male accessory that cannot miss is the watch and The Secret Garden offers high-quality watches by Storm. As we have already said about the design and characteristics of Storm watches, they are a worldwide known brand for their innovative design and sculptural shapes that make them an artistic accessory.

The Secret Garden is a certified jewellery retailer of the UK and provides its international customers with high-quality jewels since 2001. Take look at our web site to choose the perfect male accessory by Duncan Walton and other famous brands.

MILENA Jewellery

The Secret Garden offers you the beautiful collection by Milena. Awesome accessories made with amber and silver. On the site you can find out necklace,earrings and an entire line dedicated to MILENA bracelets and MILENA cufflinks.

We suggest an elegant piece from the collection : "MILENA cufflinks silver and green amber". This cufflinks would be a really appreciated gift from your beloved.

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