Nomination’s composable collection is designed in Italy using the finest materials. Nomination charms are a fashionable expression of style for men and women. Each charm is made from the highest quality stainless steel and decorated with 18 carat gold, precious, semi-precious, enamel, Cubic Zirconia and diamonds. Remember life’s precious moments from hundreds of designs.

Each charm uses a unique spring mechanism that allows charms to be detached and inserted into other charms. Communicate your passions and tell your story, keep track of the past, present and future by customizing your bracelet so that it becomes a unique symbol of life, love and happiness. It’s easy to compose your bracelet; you can use your fingers or a special Nomination charms tool.

Each composable bracelet starts with 18 links. The ‘classic’ collection links measure 10mm by 8mm and the ‘big’ collection measure 10mm by 12mm.  Once you have your bracelet you can add spare links or more charms to make it fit any size wrist. We usually suggest women need 19 charms and men around 21 charms. Every time you add in a new charm you are left with a spare one, these always come in handy to start creating a new bracelet.

Start creating your collection with one of our many starter bracelets, these are made up of 19 charms (18 plain and 1 of your chosen design). Then the fun really begins with over 2000 charms to choose from spread across a variety of collections and themes. From the classic gold symbols to the sparkling Silvershine collection, and the timeless class of the elegance collection you are bound to find something to suit you or your loved one.

With the composable bracelet you can choose a personal and precious way to celebrate the special moments you have enjoyed and all those yet to come. 

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June 27, 2013 — Milena Gervasoni

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