Rebecca Jewels, a top-of-the-range brand

Jewellery accessories are essential elements of a perfect look. Some of them are timeless, whereas others were trendy and then out of fashion after a while. As fashion changes over the years and 'decades, jewellery accessories evolve as well. Being a trustworthy jewellery business and retailer of United KingdomThe Secret Garden has been providing international customers with high quality jewels since 2001. Among all selected brands, there is Rebecca, a pride of Made in Italy. 

The history of Rebecca Jewels

Florence, in the heart of Tuscany, is the headquarters of an Italian company, Industrie Testi SPA, where Rebecca jewels are produced and distributed.

The founder of this top-of-the-range brand is Alessandro Testi. As a chairman and designer, he started his business by using raw materials, such as bronze and steel, working them with top-quality craftsmanship techniques.

As to express design and beauty in a unique item, Alessandro Testi suggested a combination of new technologies with the ancient goldsmiths' art. This technique is still able to create works of art and beauty: Rebecca Jewels and its special charm. 

Since 2001, company's innovative and original idea had an immediate impact on the jewellery market. Therefore in a few years the brand became highly international acclaimed. Rebecca brand is now available not only in several jewellery stores in Italy and other countries worldwide, but also in online jewellery shops, as the British The Secret Garden.

Rebecca Jewels, Made in Italy craftsmanship

Rebecca Jewels, a top-of-the-range brand UK online shop

All the creation, manufacturing and distribution phases are carried on in the Florentine factory, as a result each pieces of jewellery is a Made in Italy hand-crafted product. Moreover, Industrie Testi SPA relies only on Italian suppliers of services and raw materials.

This company is therefore characterized by an in-house production, thanks to a team of experts that is always committed to every phases for the realisation of the product in a few hours.

Industrie Testi SPA consists of different specialised departments where craftsmen and industrial designer work together, paying even more attention to detail and finish for the purpose of developing elegant jewellery items. Rebecca Jewels represents a luxury designer brand with a perfect combination between present and future, tradition and innovation, manual skills and techniques.

Over the years the founder has been satisfying his deep desire to turn the Made in Italy into an authentic Corporate Mission. For all these reasons, the company has been becoming a real and true reference point of the Made in Italy worldwide.

Best selling of Rebecca Jewels

 Rebecca Jewels shop online

Rebecca Jewels offers woman and man collection. Its wide selection of items is avaliable both in rose gold and silver plated.

Being British jewellery shop for excellence, The Secret Garden pampers its customers in the most original way through luxury jewellery, such as those of Rebecca Jewels.

Minimal design following the fashion trend. All jewels of Lucciole Collection represent fragments of stars or hearts creating a glamorous shining contrast, as in Rebecca Jewels Silver Black Earrings.

In Hollywood Stone Collection, Rebecca Jewels tries instead to hypnotize your eyes with new sophisticated colour combinations, as in Rose Gold Purple Bracelet.

You may discover all luxury Rebecca's jewels and many other brands on The Secret Garden website. Visit our site as to check the availability of the various models, choose your favourite one and then show your special style everyday!

MILENA Jewellery

On Secret Garden you can find  the beautiful collection by Milena. MILENA Jewellery is an entire line of Jewellery made with amber and silver.

On the site you can choose between two main categories : MILENA bracelets and MILENA cufflinks.

An example of this awesome collection is the "MILENA cufflinks silver and cherry amber".


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