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Nikki Lissoni Gold Plated Ring Coin Sparkling Curls with Swarovski Crystal


SKU: RC2017G

Nikki Lissoni gold plated and faceted white swarovski crystal coin that fits Nikki Lissoni's rings
This Nikki Lissoni Coin fit Nikki Lissoni Interchangeable Open Ring.
Nikki Lissoni is an interchangeable Jewellery collection thats consists of a wide range of Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and Earrings.
Nikki Lissoni jewellery is cast from super fine, high quality brass alloy which is then plated with a thick silver, gold or rose gold layer.
The Jewellery is covered with an unique ceramic coating. Very fine ceramic particles make a very hard resilient layer that will not only protect the jewellery against small damages, but will protect it against tarnishing too. Note that coming in contact with any product containing a high alkaline content can damage the ceramic coating.
The crystals are all genuine SWAROVSKI.

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