Thomas Sabo Silver Necklace Cat Constellation

SKU: PE883-340-7
• Classic handcrafted cat pendant made of blackened 925 Sterling silver
• Filigree decorations and hand-set stone embellishments
• A piece of jewellery with a magical aura
Intuitive, idiosyncratic, enchanting: Capture the charisma of the cat as your power animal with this delicate piece of jewellery. The fine detailing is a homage to the universe – star and moon embellishments cover the cat’s body. The hand-set zirconia and synthetic corundum sparkle in red, yellow, orange, blue and green-variations. The variety of the handcrafted details capture the cat’s knowledge of the night -add the pendant to your necklace and feel its energy!
Height approx. 3.70 cm (1.46 Inch)
Width approx. 2.20 cm (0.87 Inch)
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