X by Trollbeads is an exciting new jewellery concept. Taking inspiration from the anchor chain, it all started with the silver link. The main 4 links are the bronze link, gold link, silver link and rubber x link.

The rubber x link was produced to give the bracelet diversity and a strong background thus creating a whole different feel. It’s easy to connect and re-connect the links as you wish.  Locks are available for easier use but are not a necessity.

Each bracelet roughly takes 18 links. So the combination you choose to start with is down to you. There are over 70 links to choose from, so aside from the main links there is also more decorative designs, from fun ones  like the on the road and lucky spider to contemporary designs like the skyline then the more elaborate harlekin link, dragon and pig links which add a slight gothic feel. 

Designed for you to express your own style.

Below is a short video explaining the concept behind X and also showing how to connect them.

October 04, 2013 — Milena Gervasoni

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