The colourful world of Nicole Barr’s jewels

The colourful world of Nicole Barr’s jewels

Nicole Barr manufactures top-quality jewels with a vibrant-and-colourful design that has attracted the attention of even the most demanding of its peers, such as Fabergè.
October 12, 2021
Ania Haie: the brand's history and identity

Ania Haie: the brand's history and identity

Ania Haie is one of the marvelous and remarkable brands we offer on our website. Ania Haie's jewelry is a combination of luxury and accessible price. Alongside this, the brand's history and identity are based on the latter tendency, popularity, and uniqueness of its products.
March 01, 2021
The origin of Thomas Sabo and its jewelry

The origin of Thomas Sabo and its jewelry

Thomas Sabo founded the company in 1984, and it became the embodiment of high-end silver jewelry within a period of just a few years. The brand kept growing over the years, moving from being just a vision to a global concern. 
November 26, 2020
Vaccari Venezia Jewellery: "sculptures to wear" made in Italy

Vaccari Venezia Jewellery: "sculptures to wear" made in Italy

With a centenary tradition of jewels making, the Vaccari family is one of the most expert in Murano glass processing. Combining tradition, technique and innovation the Vaccari Venezia Jewellery catalog of The Secret Garden offers "sculptures to wear" straight from Venice's canals.

The origin of the brand

Since the 19th century, the Vaccari family's imagination has been fuelled with light as ancient as Venice. The source of this light is their knowledge of "lavorazione a lume", or glass lampworking, a tradition as warm as fire and primordial as colour, turning Murano glass canes into beautiful jewellery made of Venetian beads.

Augusto Vaccari and his son Antonio were the importers of this tradition into modern times, introducing their lampwork glass creations into France and England and for the first time, Vaccari's creations became famous outside of Venice. Their Venetian beads were inspired by golden colors of the Byzantine era: shiny mosaic beads, pieces of art overflowing with gold, silver and murrina patterns.
Giorgio Vaccari and his son Federico, who arrived to the fourth generation, continue to protect the unique features of the production of pearls.making, still trusting the expert hands of traditional craftswomen to guard the secrets of these magical creations of Venetian beads and preserve the art of yesterday.

About Vaccari Venezia Jewellery

Murano glass jewels are synonymous with class and elegance. Colorful and with fine motifs the Vaccari's pieces are timeless.

The Secret Garden offers on its catalog a wide selection of products made in Venice by Italian experts.

There are Vaccari bracelets in different colors, from black and gold to pink and grey.

Vaccari Venezia Bracelet Black and Gold

Amazing earrings are completely handmade with the finest materials and a wide range of colors to choose.

Vaccari Venezia Earrings Turquoise and Gold

The Secret Garden presents a huge amount of beautiful Vaccari necklaces for every occasion. You can find the Royal Blue and Gold Glass Beads a necklace full of murano glasses and the minimal Short Necklace Red and Gold.

Vaccari Venezia Jewellery
Vaccari Venezia Short Necklace Royal Blue and Gold Glass Beads

If you're searching for something that makes you feel the Venice soul the necklaces with the pendant are made for you. Oval or heart-shaped pendants made of Murano glass with extreme precision making and care for details.


Purchasing a Vaccari jewel you are sure to buy something unique and authentic. Every piece is indeed handmade and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The Secret Garden

Visit our website to discover the Vaccari Venezia Jewellery available and more than twenty other jewelry brands from all across the world.

Remember that we provide you with free shipping in Europe when you spend £80! And if you need help you can always contact us!

Our contacts are: Tel:  01256 329015

MILENA Jewellery

Let's find out the beautiful collection by Milena. "Amber for different styles, Jewellery for different people".

The Secret Garden offers you this special brand for your jewellery. You can choose between plenty MILENA Bracelets and MILENA Cufflink.

MILENA JewelLery
October 22, 2020
Unode50 : modern accessories and jewellery for women

Unode50 : modern accessories and jewellery for women

Take a moment to discover the new brand we introduced on our website: Unode50, the line with modern accessories and jewellery for women. The Spanish brand, with its vast collection, will give you a unique, confident, and original look for your modern life. There is no better way to shine than with a jewel, that is why we added Unode50 on our online jewelry shop, with the other featured brands.
July 28, 2020



Storm London is a British brand of accessories launched in 1989 in London. They aim to watches and indeed they are well-known for their statement, stylish, trendy watches-that you can find in our Storm Lodon online shop. In fact, The Secret Garden is a certified retailer of Storm Watches. But they also offers jewellery for men and women and several accessories such as bags, wallets, fragrances, eye-wear, clothing and footwear. Recently Storm launched perfumes for him and her and more accessories are planned for the future. The story of Storm Watches is made of passion and it's lasting for over 31 years.


Storm jewellery for men

Individualism. Future. Unconventional.

Individualism, future and unconventional are the three keywords with which we can describe this brand. Storm strongly believes in individualism and in the future. So their distinctive products evolve continuously in design to meet costumers expectations and provide individuality. Each design is unique and it's protected by intellectual copyright. They are always stimulated by challenges in design and they always seeks to mix unique features and a wide range of colors and shapes. Their designers take inspiration from all the world around them and they mix unconventional materials-especially glass, stainless steel and crystals- with precision instrumentation.

Storm watches are highly sculptural and almost architectural in shape and they aim to individual style. We can see all this in one of their bestseller the Storm Watch Trexon, available on our e-commerce. The Storm Trexon is a sporty looking watch with multifunction features. The 24 hour and date features make this watch a very useful accessory. And, in addition, it has a dual time function meaning you can keep track of the time in 2 time zones. The case is made of brushed stainless while lens are made of mineral. Other features are: a durable Japanese movement, the adjustable size fitting and the water resistance up to 50 m. Finely, it's available in different colors: blue, green and silver.

Storm Jewellery: unique and stylish

They maintain their innovative approach in the jewelry field, too. The goal of their designers is still to push the limits and look extremely original to provide unique items to its customers. Even in the making of jewelry they use quality materials and precision instrumentation to mix style and functionality. Storm Jewelry have a sculptural and almost architectural design, too. Both male and female collections include different styles ideal for any occasion and several models are available in different colors.

storm london for men online shop

Jewellery for men: steel and leather

The Secret Garden is also a certified retailer of Storm Jewelry, including rings, bracelets, cufflinks, and tie clips for men. The Storm Linked Bracelet features with black silicon rope and black steel fastening, is perfect for a casual outfit. While the Storm Etia Bracelet is in a black genuine leather rope and polished stainless steel fastening. That's the ideal accessorie for a trendy look. Or, even more, the Storm Warp Bracelet is made of stainless steel with a slide magnetic clasp, perfect for who seeks a more minimal and strong design. A similar style is that of Storm Rigel Bracelet available in brown and made of steel and genuine leather.

Storm produce not only bracelets for men, but also pendants such as the Stud Tag Pendant that has a stainless steel chain necklace with a studded dog tag pendant. Or the Storm Black Saddle Tag Pendant made of hard wearing, polished stainless steel with three unique symbols placed vertically on the pendant along with the logo stormman, while the pendant comes on a leather cord. The Storm Wayvo Ring is a polished ring of stainless steel and that features three inner rings which move and rotate. Moreover it's available in three different sizes. Finely, the most elegant among men's accessories: cufflinks. The Storm Cubex Cufflinks are made from highly polished stainless steel inlayed with black enamel and, moreover, is presented in official Storm packaging.

storm london official online store


Shop Storm jewellery for men on The Secret Garden!

On The Secret Garden you can shop all these and even more! Visit our website to learn more about all the Storm items available, about all the different styles, models and features.

Remember that we provide you with free shipping in Europe when you spend £80! And if you need help you can always contact us! Our contacts are: Tel:  01256 329015


storm london online shop

May 15, 2020
Duncan Walton jewellery

Duncan Walton jewellery

If you are looking for original men's fashion accessories, you should take a look at Duncan Walton collection. This brand offers cufflinks, bracelets, and tie slides from elegant to a sporty design.
March 05, 2020
Rebecca Jewels, a top-of-the-range brand

Rebecca Jewels, a top-of-the-range brand

Jewellery accessories are essential elements of a perfect look. Some of them are timeless, whereas others were trendy and then out of fashion after a while. As fashion changes over the years and decades, jewellery accessories evolve as well. Being a trustworthy jewellery business and retailer of United KingdomThe Secret Garden has been providing international customers with high quality jewels since 2001. Among all selected brands, there is Rebecca, a pride of Made in Italy. 
December 20, 2019
Sif Jakobs Jewellery online store UK

Ten years of Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Sif Jakobs is not just the name of one of the most successful North European jewellery brands, it's also the name of the woman that started the company and gave it its reputation. Born in Iceland, the jewellery designer has travelled the world to develop her talent in projecting glamourous and luxury products "to make women all over the world shine everyday".

September 16, 2019
Storm Watches: always be on time with style

Storm Watches: always be on time with style

Can't you leave home without a wristwatch? You're in the right place! The Secret Garden is a certified retailer of Storm Watches. Storm is a British fashion accessories company but the brand is renowed for its wide range of exclusive and distinctive stylish watches. So, keep your eyes on this article to discover them!
May 17, 2019
Kit Heath jewellery: timeless style for everyday wear

Kit Heath jewellery: timeless style for everyday wear

Kit Heath jewellery means passion is the heart of its business and this ensures quality, innovation and consumer service. This British brand is renowned for producing beautiful sterling silver jewellery, from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings. The aim is the creation of personal and long-lasting designs: the brand is able to understand what consumers want and follow their trends; moreover, a contemporary interpretation of a classical and elegant style makes it timeless and suitable for everyone and for any occasion.
April 12, 2019
Calvin Klein: jewelry and more

Calvin Klein: jewelry and more

In our blog you can find other articles, where we already discussed some famous brands and their different characteristics. Some of them are about Antica Murrina Jewels , Trollbeads Jewelry anThe latest trend of silver jewelry, Tianguis Jackson.

The latest new entry on our website is Calvin Klein. Everybody knows cK: the worldwide company was founded by designer Calvin Klein and his childhood friend, Barry K. Schwartz and has its headquarter in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.
What you see now, is an American luxury fashion house that started its journey and established itself back in 1968. The reason behind its continuous and timeless fame is that it has different and various sectors of specializations that can reach different publics. Some of these branches are the exquisite leather, wearable lifestyle accessories, many home furnishings and obviously perfumery, jewelry, watches and ready-to-wear.

The history of Calvin Klein and his company

The history of the company starts in the early '70s. Calvin Klein first goes to New York in 1968 because he wants to set up a shop, and he accomplishes it in the York Hotel. The designer’s goal is to create a collection of "youthful, understated coats and dresses” and his journey starts with more or less nothing. Luckily, he quickly gains popularity among the fashion-forward New Yorkers and is featured on the cover of Vogue magazine in September 1969 - the most important issue for a fashion magazine.


Calvin Klein Jewelry UK

Calvin Klein’s global success

Even today Calvin Klein continues to dominate in the casual, contemporary fields of fashion remaining relevant from season to season in each and every sector he decided to try in the years. These days many young and famous icons are the various faces of Calvin Klein’s campaigns, always creating scandals and astonishment among the public.

Calvin Klein's global reach is anything less than downright impressive. They have a vast reach into licensing deals with fragrances and accessories among an abundance of other branded products has made them one of the most easily identifiable labels of the modern day - all while remaining understated and relatively minimalist. One of this collaboration, one of the most know, is the one with Swatch Group to create cK Watches in 1997. This new watch brand has striking, refined and contemporary graphic lines and this creates the fashion accessory watch. It now offers over 200 different models, available in more than 60 countries, all boasting Swiss-made quality and designed to appeal to all tastes. Calvin Klein watches come in a variety of clean, minimal designs, typically with either a stainless steel or PVD finish.

Calvin Klein’s Jewelry

Our attention is focused on the jewelry collection. It’s in 2004 that there’s the cK Calvin Klein Jewelry line launch on the market. The perfect ideal for this new starting point for this new branch is pure, refined aesthetic that radiates sensuality. Success is obviously immediate!
Today, the brand is forging ahead, characterized by its essential sexy image that translates refined lines and numerous metal surfaces into sensual curves.


Calvin Klein Jewelry

One of the key jewelry sets for the season is the elegant Calvin Klein double bracelet. Polished stainless steel and PVD pink gold come together to create a uniquely layered elliptical form. This highly dimensional offering includes a ring, cK earrings and a lot of different colours for the same model of the bracelet.

Ck Jewels UK

If you're looking for something different, with more defined lines, we offer the Calvin Klein Gold Tune Bracelet. The Calvin Klein Tune Collection, other than bracelets, offers necklaces and earrings too. Every product is available in two different colours!

Shop cK Jewelry on The Secret Garden

On our website, you can shop all of the Calvin Klein Jewelry. With The Secret Garden, you can find the original bracelets, long and short necklaces, earringsrings and watches. The cK jewels are made for both men and women for every taste and need, so look our site and start creating and putting together your style starting by these precious and unique jewels!

MILENA Jewellery

Let's find out the beautiful collection by Milena. "Amber for different styles, Jewellery for different people".

The Secret Garden offers you this special brand for your jewellery. You can choose between plenty MILENA Bracelets and MILENA Cufflink


MILENA Jewellery


February 28, 2019