Trollbeads Armadillo Paradise Kit

SKU: TGLBE-00217

There is an old Indian prayer to the armadillo, which says "Protect my borders, teach me my shield, reflect my pain so I do not yield"

This beautiful Armadillo Paradis Kit contains all 6 of the glass beads from the Limited-Edition Armadillos collection. Each bead represents the armour of an armadillo and has different colours perfect for spring and as a good luck charm for your protection.
Build yourself a lovely piece of Jewellery with all of the Limited-Edition Armadillo glass beads. 

Please note: Glass is a fantastic material. Each glass bead is handmade from red-hot glass in then open flame and two glass beads are ever completely alike. This goes for size, colouration and pattern. Your bead is absolutely unique and may have slight variations from the bead pictured.

All of our Trollbeads are delivered in a Trollbeads bag.