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As you can see in our blog, The Secret Garden is a certified retailer of many famous jewellery brands. In this article, we will talk about Kit Heath jewellery! Passion is the heart of its business and this ensures quality, innovation and consumer service. This British brand is renowned for producing beautiful sterling silver jewellery, from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings. The aim is the creation of personal and long-lasting designs: the brand is able to understand what consumers want and follow their trends; moreover, a contemporary interpretation of a classical and elegant style makes it timeless and suitable for everyone and for any occasion.

The history of the brand

Kit Heath jewellery company was founded by brother and sister Kit Heath and Katie Nicknell (nee Heath) in 1984, in North Devon, England. As Kit claimed, when he was young he melted down the family candlesticks to create sterling silver jewellery that he successfully sold to friends and family first and then into gift and jewellery shops from the back of his VW camper van. His sister Katie always collaborated with him by driving the creative aspect. The business and the presence of the brand in the market continuously grew, until it became a worldwide brand.

Today Kit Heath is an award-winning brand, thanks to its unique design and its high standard of service. It was awarded as Fashion Jewellery Brand of The Year 2017, beating international brands such as Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Nomination. Its trump cards were adaptation to consumer trends and suitability for any occasion. Last year, it was shortlisted by Retail Jeweller for its Jewellery/Watch Supplier of the Year 2018 Award: despite it didn't win the award, the final was an honorable recognition to its unique, classic yet contemporary sterling silver jewellery.

Kit Heath Jewellery UK

Kit Heath jewellery collections

All products are sterling silver and some of them are silver gold or rose gold plated; rose and yellow gold is 18 carat plate. Moreover, some jewels are enriched with dazzling gems, precious stones and freshwater pearls. The beautiful design of the brand is characterized by attention to detail and it's inspired by life, love and nature.

Jewels for women

Kit Heath for women is the main collection of the brand: it offers a wide selection of bracelets and bangles, earrings (including both stud and drop earrings), necklaces and rings. They are all inspired by nature: moon, stars, flowers, leaves and pebbles are the main designed symbols. Even though nature is the main source of inspiration, love is an evergreen element for jewellery: share the love with Kit Heath jewellery precious hearts.

Kit Heath Love Collection UK

Some jewels are adorned with gemstones and are part of the Coast Pebble Stone line. An example is the Silver and Turquoise Coast Pebble bracelet, which can be combined with the same designed Silver and Turquoise Coast Pebble Necklace, Silver Coast Pebble Turquoise Stud Earrings and Pebble Coast Turquoise Ring. They are all available in different colours, such as black, turquoise, amethyst and green, which recall the sea and the coastline of Devon, where the brand was born.

Another preciuos collection is Desire Lustrous Freshwater Pearl collection. Look at jewels with white pearls: you can combine Kit Heath bracelet, Kit Heath necklace and Kit Heath earrings with the same design to create a complete elegant look. A line with peacock and grey pearls is also available for those who prefer other colours or like layering to create a personal look.

Now Spring is calling and Kit Heath jewellery welcomes the new season with a dedicated collection. The floral design of Spring Collection is characterized by blossoms and detailed petals, standing for the forms and the fragility of nature.

Kit Heath Jewels online

Jewels for kids

This brand thinks about children as well: Kit Heath Kids collection is entirely addressed to younger girls, offering Kit Health Kids bracelets, Kit Health Kids earrings and Kit Health Kids necklaces. As those of the women collection, jewels are sterling silver and some of them are enriched with pearls or diamonds. However, their more simple and colorful design is more appropriate to the young age of its consumers. Even for children, the brand takes inspiration from nature and love: hearts and flowers are the main symbols they can choose, but also colored animals such as butterflies and ladybirds are included in this collection. If you're looking for the first jewel for your child, My First Diamond Large Heart Necklace is perfect. An alternative option can be the more personalized Silver Alphabet Flower Initial Necklace, of course available with all letters.

Kit Heath United Kingdom

Shop Kit Heath jewellery on The Secret Garden

On The Secret Garden, you can shop all of the Kit Heath jewellery. If you are a First Time Customer, take advantage of it and get 15% off  on your order by using the code TSG#1. Check on our website what jewels are still available in store: Kit Heath jewellery is perfect both for self purchase and to make a gift to a special person!

MILENA Jewellery

On Secret Garden you can find also the beautiful collection by Milena.

This special brand offers you an exclusive line of jewellery made by amber and obviously silver.

The union of this two material creates awesome earrings and necklace. An example is the "MILENA necklace Silver and Amber Large tree of life", a beautiful necklace that unleashes magic.

MILENA Jewellery

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