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Can't you leave home without a wristwatch? You're in the right place! The Secret Garden is a certified retailer of Storm Watches. Storm is a British fashion accessories company but the brand is renowed for its wide range of exclusive and distinctive stylish watches. So, keep your eyes on this article to discover them!

The origin of the brand

Storm was born in 1989 in London when Steve Sun, with the support of his wife and co-founder Anne Lee, decided to cultivate his passion for fashion and style, especially for quality watches. Some important factories were struck by Steve's first sketches, so they started working together to find new manufacturing techniques to transform his original ideas into practice.

The following step was the choice of the name of the brand. The destiny suggested it to Steve during a flight: after a turbolence, the pilot reassured travellers saying it was just a bad storm and Steve thought that such a strong and powerful word would be perfect to represent his brand.

As we have already said, the brand was born by specialising in innovative watch design. In fact, today it's the leading British fashion watch brand on the market and it's recognised all over the world. In 2016 and 2017, it was shortlisted by Retail Jewellery for the Watch Brand of the Year, next to some of the main watch brands. Despite it didn't win the award, that was an opportunity to present its work on a professional platform and raise its business profile thanks to this honorable recognition.

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About Storm Watches

The innovative approach is a major aspect of the brand. Designers continually push the limits and look for increasingly original ideas to satisfy the expectations of old customers and attract new ones by providing well-designed and unique products. Furthermore, quality materials (especially glass, stainless steel and crystals) and precision instrumentation are combined to make style and function meet. Storm Watches are sculptural and almost architectural in shape and most models are available in different colours which often appears different shades under different light. Finally, both male and famale collections include different styles and designs suitables for any occasion.

Storm Watches: Men collection

The classic style of Storm Cyro XL and Storm Sotec is perfect for your everyday wear. They both have a comfortable silver mesh strap made from highly polished stainless steel and a glass dial available in different colours. Storm Reese Gold is the ideal solution for those who love wearing gold accessories. If you like the classic design and the quality materials of these watches but you don't like their mesh straps, the ultra slim Storm Slim-X XL is a perfect alternative.

A male watch with multi layered exposed cog mechanism is a traditional must for a watch brand. In fact, Storm Dualon (available in brown, black, silver and rose gold) is one of the best selling men’s Storm Watches. Look also at Storm Dualtec to discover a similar model. These watches are perfect for travellers thanks to the dual time function which allows you to keep track of time in two different time zones.

Sport lovers can't miss Storm Raven because it will survive whatever sport you do. It's waterproof to 50m, but its resistance is also guaranteed by its heavy duty kevlar strap and black carbon fibre shock resistant case.

The innovative approach of the brand that we mentioned before is visible, for example, in Storm Dynamix whose special feature is the rotating disc movement. Another futuristic design is the one of Storm New Remi which has a distinctive revolving disc movement: two revolving discs show hours and minutes, while the multi coloured disc counts the seconds.

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Storm Watches: Women collection

Classic and minimalist watches are a must for a women collection too. Storm Arya, Storm Reese, Storm Sotec, Storm Chelsi are just some of the basic watches with a stainless steel strap, while a leather strap makes Storm Loreli even more simple. As in most cases, different colours make the collection complete.

The simplicity of some watches is enriched with Swarovski crystals in the dial. Look at models such as Storm Arin (where crystals are the hour markers), Storm Zuzori Crystal or Storm Cody Crystal. See how these sparkling crystals will make you shine everyday and choose your favourite colour!

Do you like wearing original accessories? Opt for bangle watches to add a touch of glamour to your outfit. They all have a special bangle style strap made from stainless steel and a glass dial. They only differ in colours and shapes, so choose your favourite design! Storm Akiko and Storm Alvara have a rectangular dial, while Storm Amiah has a rounded one. Instead, the peculiarity of Storm Odesa is its rounded dial on a semi-arched bangle strap. Finally, the most original model is Storm Cosima, a carved bracelet watch with a fresh octagonal silhouette.

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Shop Storm Watches on The Secret Garden

You can shop all these Storm Watches and many others of the same brand on The Secret Garden. Visit our website to check the availability of the various models and the different colours, buy your favourite one and then show your unique style everyday!


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