Nikki Lissoni jewellery, an original concept of handcrafted coin

The concept of the Nikki Lissoni jewellery is creating your own jewellery by matching a coin and a necklace, a bracelet, earrings or rings. These coins can be used in round pendants with different style, for all taste. Nikki Lissoni jewellery offers bracelets, bracelets with charm clip, necklaces with pendants where you can insert your coin, earrings and also rings. But which Nikki Lissoni jewellery is made for you?

Nikki Lissoni jewellery section of The Secret Garden

Nikki Lissoni jewellery coin concept

The concept of the brand Nikki Lissoni is simple, you choose a coin and a coin holder that you can put on a bracelet or necklace. You can find different types of necklaces, from the basic ones to the most original or colorful and the same for the bracelets. Differents types of coins are available, gold plated, silver plated, rose gold plated, with geometric or flower shape, full of strass or only one pearl, small, medium or large. Everybody can find what suit them. The pendants to hold the coins are also available in different materials, colors and shapes. Everything is made to help you find the perfect jewellery for you, unique and following your own style and taste.

How to create your Nikki Lissoni necklace ?

If you like original necklaces Nikki Lissoni is the perfect brand for you. To create your Nikki Lissoni necklace you need to choose a coin that will be insert in a coin holder and you can put it on your necklace. On The Secret Garden we have a large collection of Nikki Lissoni jewellery. If you like simple and elegant jewellery you can match a coin like the black onyx flower medium gold plated coin, a simple flower shaped coin with a black pearl in the middle, this gold plated coin can match perfectly with the medium pendant gold. This coin holder is the must have of the Nikki Lissoni, simple and elegant, with the letters Nikki Lissoni on the contours.

nikki lissoni pendant necklace

Then two options can be chosen, stay in simplicity with the necklace small link gold plated 45cm, a basic gold plated chain ideal for your everyday life, work and weekends. You can wear it everywhere and look elegant in simplicity.

You can also chose to add your match on the necklace black onyx gold plated 48 cm to obtain a very elegant style. This gold plated chain with black pearl can perfectly match the flower can because the pearl composing the necklace remind us the black pearl in the center of your flower shaped coin. Elegance in originality is the concept of this association, which make it ideal for dressed up dinners, parties, ceremonies or weddings and for every moment in which you want to show that extravagance also means elegance.

If this style or the concept made you curious about the Nikki Lissoni jewellery and its product, you can find all of the style and many other styles on the Nikki Lissoni section of The Secret Garden.


Nikki Lissoni bracelets, different styles for all taste

If bracelets are your favourite jewellery, Nikki Lissoni bracelets are made for you. Many different styles to please everybody, simple, elegant, original, shiny, small, big; you just need to pick your favourite style. For a simple everyday style, the leather cord gold plated blue 19cm seems perfect. Also available in large size, 21 cm, and other colors such as aubergine, turquoise, rose powder or the more original gold plated reptil style.

Nikki Lissoni charms UK

If you’re searching for a fancy and precious style, the Nikki Lissoni bracelet peach swarovski rose gold plated 17cm is the solution. This round peach bracelet has Swarovski pearl on the surface and you can add a Nikki Lissoni coin on your bracelet. The perfect coin to match with this precious bracelet can be the medium coin"into the woods", silver and rose gold plated with cz. Associated with the medium pendant rose gold your bracelet will be as unique and precious as you.

The bracelet gold plated 21cm turn out to be the must have of the Nikki Lissoni collection. Associated with the treasury medium gold plated coin this bracelet can become your best fashion accessory to look fancy and discrete at the same time. You can also associate it with other charms and its available in different materials.

Another type of bracelet, if you prefer a minimalist style, the bracelet wish, love, sparkle gold plated 19 cm. A round rigid gold plated charm bangle with two fixed charms “Wish. Love. Sparkle” and “Greenish blue optical glass”, also usable for other Nikki Lissoni charms.

However, if you like matching your necklaces and your bracelets and you liked the black onyx gold plated which we talked about before, then you can match it with the bracelet black onyx 19 cm composed with the same black pearl for a total look black as elegant and fancy as the occasion to adopt it.

The Secret Garden and Nikki Lissoni

On The Secret Garden you can shop all of the Nikki Lissoni jewellery : the coins, the pendants, the necklaces, the bracelets, the earrings, the rings and the charm clips. You can find out all the Nikki Lissoni collection on our website and even get 15% off on your first order by using the code TSG#1 so don’t hesitate more and start searching for the Nikki Lissoni jewellery made for you.

MILENA Jewellery

The Secret Garden offers you the beautiful collection by Milena. Awesome accessories made with amber and silver. On the site you can find out necklace,earrings and an entire line dedicated to MILENA bracelets and MILENA cufflinks.

We suggest an elegant piece from the collection : "MILENA cufflinks silver and green amber". This cufflinks would be a really appreciated gift from your beloved.

MILENA Jewellery

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