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Trollbeads are a precious artisanal jewellery that you can customize as you wish. The danish brand Trollbeads is the brand who created the concept of a pearl on a bracelet. An original concept getting you quickly addicted. The Trollbeads jewellery principle is easy: you choose your bracelet, necklace or earrings and you can customize it with more than 600 differents pearls made of silver, gold, Murano glass or precious stones. Thank to its originality this concept became viral since its creation in 1976 and the brand can get you addicted quickly as you can become the designer of your own bracelet or necklace.

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Trollbeads, A success story of a Danish family

Created by Lise Aagaard in Denmark in 1976, Trollbeads became a famous jewellery brand well known in the entire world and distributed in over 50 countries. The first bead named the brand, it was a silver pearl with little faces on it similar to a troll. These beads were created by Soren and sold in his father's jewelry store. Later, Soren's sister, Lisa, opened an other jewelry store and decided to put one bead on all of the bracelet she was selling. One of her clients asked her once to add more pearls to the bracelet and that was the start of the brand. The composable bracelet was born, you could now create a bracelet choosing beads and pearls that matched your personality and your wishes.

Trollbeads composable bracelet

A Danish design and a handmade touch, original concept of Trollbeads

The Trollbeads handcrafted way of producing these beads means every one is unique. All are fabricated following different processes with modern or traditional techniques. In the beginning there was only golden and silver charms, they were fabricated following a traditional method with wax which helps to identically reproduce all the patterns.

The Murano glass pearls, the best seller of the brand, arrived in the collection later, in 2001. Murano glass pearls are all handmade from a stick of glass directly heated in the flame. In 2001 the first glass pearls arrived in the Trollbeads collection and since the demand increased exponentially.

Trollbeads is now present in more than 50 countries. The family keep creating new pearls and Trollbeads keep growing with more than 50 well know international designers. Trollbeads collection includes over 600 pearls each one unique with its own design and story.

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A variety of collections to follow your wishes and desires

The pearl collection is growing every year, under the influence of the founder family, who is still in charge of the brand, or the client, or talented designers.

Every year Trollbeads organise a pearl creation contest for their fans all over the world. The one who wins the contest can see his pearl creation sold in 4000 shops Trollbeads have all around the world. A nice way to make their fans participate to the brand development!

The inspirations are as diverse as mythology, astrology, fairy tales, flora and fauna or cultural differences... They can find sources in every kind of thing in daily life.

Each pearl has it's own style, it's own history. You can create your jewellery according to your desire at this moment or from a some special event in your life. Your jewels have a story and record you precious moments such as birth, marriage, birthday, diploma...

Each Trollbeads creation is as unique and different as the person who wears it.

On our website The Secret Garden you can find as many Trollbeads collections as you want.


The latest from Trollbeads, summer time collection

The last Trollbeads collection is the summer collection. You can find it under New Arrivals on the Trollbeads page of The Secret Garden. This collection is a shiny and colorful collection for summer 2018. This collection is composed of wonderful ocean inspired beads, glass and silver beads, a large collection based on blue colors, the sea world and all the marine animals. The most beautiful pearl of this collection is the Blue Ocean Trollbeads glass charms offered in limited edition on The Secret Garden. The rest of the collection is based on colorful pearls made of Murano glass and silver charms. Why not get tempted by this fresh new collection and start your own Trollbeads jewellery? You can shop on a lot of limited edition pieces and the most iconic charms of the danish brand.

Trollbeads jewellery

MILENA Jewellery

The Secret Garden offers you the beautiful collection by Milena. Awesome accessories made with amber and silver. On the site you can find out necklace,earrings and an entire line dedicated to MILENA bracelets and MILENA cufflinks.

We suggest an elegant Necklace from the collection : "MILENA necklace Silver and Multicolor Amber Butterfly".

MILENA Jewellery
September 17, 2018 — Milena Gervasoni

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