The history of Nomination Bracelet, from the 80's to the present, a bracelet giving emotions a name.


The story of Nomination Bracelet started in the 1980s in Florence (Italy) and nowadays the company still works with the same values which include passion, innovation, an excellent craftsmanship and the italian spirit.

How was this company born and where did the idea of Nomination Bracelet, a precious composable bracelet for everyone, originate? Here is the story of Nomination Bracelet over the years.


Nomination Bracelet


Paolo Gensini and the birth of a new idea

There is no better land than Italy to give birth to new ideas, no better material than the steel to make them last over time. In the 80s Paolo Gensini asked himself, why do we have to create only jewellery in gold and silver and why do they have to be so expensive? Wouldn't it be better to have jewellery accessible to everyone? Gensini started to think how great it could be to create a jewellery composable and suitable to men and women of all ages and affordable to all. Since Nomination Bracelet was born they have never stopped the creation of new collections of bracelets, each one as modern and trendy as the last.

At the beginning the more traditional goldsmiths were skeptical of such innovative creations because they were not made of precious materials used at this time. But then things changed and this composable steel bracelet with gold letters became a very popular global accessory. Nomination Bracelet was the first composable bracelet in which you can write your own name by uniting many Links with the letters of the alphabet, in fact the term “Nomination” comes from the latin and means“to name”.


Nomination Bracelet Italy


Strength and durability over the years of the Nomination Bracelet

The italian spirit is one of the main characteristics of the Nomination Bracelet. This product, Made in Italy, derives from traditional Florentine jewellery, ingenious and innovative with new design and materials to create a new kind of accessory. Here we are talking about the excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, sophisticated shapes and the quality of the materials that have always been part of Nomination and its guarantee of products 100% Made in Italy.

The use of high quality materials, the continuous control of each stage of the creation process and all the experimentation on the artisanal jewellery field this past ten years make Nomination jewellery a synonym of strength and durability.

The secret of the Nomination Bracelet is its quality stainless steel and the charms themselves are created from a variety of materials such as silver or gold plating.They are guaranteed never to change color, fade or tarnish, they have numerous advantages like being hypoallergenic, they are aesthetic and they will always be shiny and as new as they were at the beginning.


Nomination Bracelet UK


The Nomination Bracelet today

Nowadays the brand Nomination is a leader in the sector of stainless steel and gold jewellery thanks to the Nomination Bracelet. They continue their communicative purpose by offering new lines and collections which express the values of the company and represent the excellence of the Made in Italy and the Italian quality. The creations, continuously new and original, are presented in season lines such as clothing lines and can represent important moments in someone's life.

The original brand is signed by the symbol Nomination® on every product.

You can find Nomination Bracelet on our website

On this website you can find different types of Nomination Bracelet and all the different collections of the brand. The Secret Garden offers Nomination links and jewellery.

You can find different types of links such as gold, silver, rose gold, enamel, stones, pendant charms, double links, composable and classic starter for Nomination Bracelet. In all of these categories you can find as many charms as you want, so you can customise the bracelet with symbols that represent the deepest layers of your personality. For example if you like pendant charms you can find many different links to put on your bracelet such as wings, cross, heart, clover, dog, handbag, stars... There are links for all tastes.

On The Secret Garden website you can also find other brands like Troll beads charms, Sif Jakobs, Rebecca, Nikki Lissoni, Storm, Kit Heath and others.

This type of customizable bracelet has become ever more famous due to stars such as The Beckhams, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears for exemple, wearing their own Nomination Bracelet, further illustrating the progress made since Paolo Gensini used creativity and innovation to redefine the modern bracelet.


June 29, 2018 — Milena Gervasoni

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