Ania Haie: the brand's history and identity

Ania Haie is one of the marvelous and remarkable brands we offer on our website. Ania Haie's jewelry is a combination of luxury and accessible price. Alongside this, the brand's history and identity are based on the latter tendency, popularity, and uniqueness of its products.

The origin of the brand

Ana Haie is created by the founders of Chrysalis, Andy and Dave Maine. At the time, the key concept of the brand was to launch new collections every month. The idea was to have consumers who would not hesitate to buy a piece and to keep looking in store for more, finding something different from time to time.

Those are the words of the co-founder Andy Maine: “We had been thinking for quite a while about launching a brand that is trend-driven and affordable for the fashion-conscious lady who keeps looking for more. The problem for retailers at the moment is they will have designs on display for about six to 12 months, and it starts to get stale. So, we wanted to create a brand that was about creating new looks, having new trends, and following fashion regularly. So every month we will launch new looks, depending on the trend of that moment.”

The strategy used was to connect with people with constant change. And that was not just the strategy, but also the purpose of the brand: having costumers coming back for more. People would be enthusiastic about the new stocks on a regular basis and also tempted to look inside.


Ania Haie Emblem Necklace TurquoiseAnia Haie Gold Tidal Abalone Crescent Huggie Hoops

Moreover, it is important to take into consideration the affordability of the brand. When the price is affordable more consumers are more likely to buy as often as they come on the website and look.

Hence, with a passion for quality pieces of jewelry beset with style and a clear understanding that fashion-focused women don't want to compromise on quality, and accessible prices, the brand was born.

Ania Haie: the identity

Ana Haie is based in London. The brand offers a vast range of collections, all designed in 925 sterling silver with rhodium-plated, 14 karats yellow gold plated or 14 karats rose gold plated.  Every piece is designed with the intention to be stacked and layered, yet with such unique detailing, they look just as good as standalone centerpieces.

All the pieces are the latest trend. Ania Haie focus is to give women the ultimate complement to their personal style and make their office-to-cocktails transition all the much easier, and stylish.

Shop Ania Haie at The Secret Gardens

We are delighted to sell Ania Haie's jewelry at the secret garden. Here are some of the products, so you can have an idea of what you can find in the catalog on our website.

Ania Haie Midnight Star Bracelet Gold Plated


Ania Haie Emperor T-bar Bracelet Gold Plated - Go bold with this statement gold T-bar bracelet. Featuring a coin medallion with turquoise enamel detailing, this is one eye-catching piece that will not be missed! 

Ania Haie Silver Modern Chain Stud Earrings

Ania Haie Silver Modern Chain Stud Earrings - A new twist on a classic stud. Discreet yet daring, add a touch of elegance to your everyday style with these silver ball chain earrings.


Ania Haie Midnight Star Bracelet Gold Plated


What are you waiting for? Shop Ania Haie at The Secret Garden!

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March 01, 2021 — Milena Gervasoni

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