The colourful world of Nicole Barr’s jewels

Being a trustworthy jewellery business and retailer of the United Kingdom, The Secret Garden has been providing international customers with high quality jewels since 2001. Among all selected marvellous brands, there is Nicole Barr.

Nicole Barr manufactures top-quality jewels with a vibrant-and-colourful design that has attracted the attention of even the most demanding of its peers, such as Fabergè.

Nicole Barr: the brand’s artistry

In 1982 Nicole Barr began its activity as a small jewellery company which has always had a great passion for enamel.

Remaining faithful to the best traditions of French Master Enamellists like René Lalique, Nicole Barr uses true vitreous enamel (hard fired glass) which is painstakingly applied by hand to 18 K gold and sterling silver – complemented with the finest diamonds, pearls, and gemstones.

Over the years, Nicole Barr has been the supplier of independent jewellers renowned for their first-rate quality. Thanks to this base of discerning customers, the brand has been able to build a solid reputation both in the US and Europe.

Nicole Barr: experience and expertise

Having 30 years of experience as Original Design Manufacturers, the brand is highly qualified in the production of exclusive designs, and it guarantees high quality and confidentiality to its clients. The manufacturing process takes place in its ethically-run factory based in the United States and it includes both stamping and casting in 925 sterling silver and 18k gold.

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Nicole Barr’s jewels

Nicole Barr manufactures jewels in contemporary and nature themes, such as nautical, nature, flora and bridal.

Nicole Barr: Nautical collection

“Nautical” is the most popular Nicole Barr’s jewels collection - if you are a sea lover, then this collection is right for you!

As part of the Nautical, you can find colourful sea inhabitants jewels, such as turtles, manta rays, seahorses, crabs, dolphins and sea shells.  

Anchors, flipflops necklaces belong to this wonderful collection as well.

Nicole Barr: Sterling Silver Nature Collection

Whimsical dragonflies, butterflies, hummingbirds, ladybugs and bees often hold special meaning to those who wear them. By using bright fired enamel colours Nicole Barr’s 3-D designs can imitate nature.

Nicole Barr necklace

Nicole Barr: Flora and bridal collection

Colourful daisies, roses, forget-me-nots, pansies, dogwoods, coastal tidy tips and many more add diversity to this collection.

This collection also includes  life trees necklaces and bracelets.


Nicole Barr bracelets

Shop Nicole Barr’s jewellery at The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden offers a wide range of Nicole Barr’s jewellery which includes cufflinks, earrings, brooches, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Visit our website to take a look at the wonderful and colourful jewels of this brand and choose what suits you best!

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October 12, 2021 — Milena Gervasoni

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