The origin of Thomas Sabo and its jewelry

On our online jewelry shop, you can find different brands, each one with its origin, history, and characteristics. Some of them date back in the first mid of 1900, others are closer in time, but all of them have a characteristic in common: they make you feel special and shine like a star. That is why we sell these brands at The secret garden, besides the high-quality that characterizes each one. Let's now talk about a new entry on our website, the brand Thomas Sabo, and let's see the origin of Thomas Sabo and his jewelry.


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The history of the brand


Thomas Sabo founded the company in 1984, and it became the embodiment of high-end silver jewelry within a period of just a few years. The brand kept growing over the years, moving from being just a vision to a global concern. In fact, it has internationally made a name for itself. The company includes 85 countries, 260 points-of-sale, and around 1,600 employees. The Group escalate is also strengthened by the in-house e-commerce and the relationships with famous jewelers and business partners throughout the world.


The business is based in Germany, at the international company headquarters in Lauf an der Pegnitz, a small town in the Franconian region of Germany. Besides the group considering it their home, it is also the location of the creative, marketing, sales, and distribution divisions.


Moreover, the medium-sized enterprise is distinguished to have the values and pioneering spirit of a family company as the core of their business. The entire team is composed of innovative and committed people who work to obtain a glamorous charisma, a unique look, and modern diversity.


Characteristics of Thomas Sabo jewelry


All the production processes occur in the base in Germany, at the German headquarters in Lauf an der Pegnitz. And every detail during the creation is taken into consideration. In order to do so, they rely on experience and high standards in manufacturing. The quality of the manufacture is essential to have an excellent result. Also, Thomas Sabo's business has longstanding partnerships with leading suppliers in Europe and Asia.
Of particular interest is the love for his work of Thomas Sabo, the company founder, who after a long time still enjoys design every piece of jewelry himself.


The principles of the brand are the following:


  • Create new premium jewelry and watches in all price segments each season;
  • Define the industry standard with materials of the very highest quality;
  • Conduct business in a sustainable, profit-oriented and conservative manner as a top priority;
  • Always optimize the service offerings in line with the global clientèle and partners;
  • Hold all employees in the highest esteem;
  • Create impulses internally and externally and promote creativity;
  • Remain realistic, think holistically and always retain our independence and flexibility.




Shop Thomas Sabo at the Secret Garden


One of the most special brands we introduced in our website is Thomas Sabo. If you are looking for high quality and special jewel cured in every detail you should definitely consider Thomas Sabo products. 

You can choose among bracelets, earrings, necklaces and a lot more. Let's see something!

Shop Thomas Sabo at the Secret Garden UK

Thomas Sabo Charm bracelet Pink - The Charm bracelet with beads crafted from rose quartz flatters the wrist in a particularly delicate manner and makes any skin tone radiate beautifully.


Thomas Sabo Charm bracelet Pink

Thomas Sabo Earrings Studs Moon silver - Mysterious crescent moon jewellery: the perfect companions which never go out of fashion and make great everyday ear studs for any look and occasion. With filigree detailing, they are adorned by hand with small zirconia stones at THOMAS SABO.

Thomas Sabo Silver Necklace Compass Faith, Love, Hope


Thomas Sabo Silver Necklace Compass Faith, Love, Hope - A compass rose that shows the way to love - the delicate pendant with "Love, Faith, Hope" engraving, precisely decorated by hand with sparkling stone embellishment, makes it possible. The piece of jewellery in a set with a matching chain is an inspiring gift idea, for yourself or a loved one.

More infofor your Thomas Sabo purchase


Eu delivery is free of charge if you send more than £80.


What are you waiting for? Check Thomas Sabo on our website!

November 26, 2020 — Milena Gervasoni

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