Storm London is a British brand of accessories launched in 1989 in London. They aim to watches and indeed they are well-known for their statement, stylish, trendy watches-that you can find in our Storm Lodon online shop. In fact, The Secret Garden is a certified retailer of Storm Watches. But they also offers jewellery for men and women and several accessories such as bags, wallets, fragrances, eye-wear, clothing and footwear. Recently Storm launched perfumes for him and her and more accessories are planned for the future. The story of Storm Watches is made of passion and it's lasting for over 31 years.


Storm jewellery for men

Individualism. Future. Unconventional.

Individualism, future and unconventional are the three keywords with which we can describe this brand. Storm strongly believes in individualism and in the future. So their distinctive products evolve continuously in design to meet costumers expectations and provide individuality. Each design is unique and it's protected by intellectual copyright. They are always stimulated by challenges in design and they always seeks to mix unique features and a wide range of colors and shapes. Their designers take inspiration from all the world around them and they mix unconventional materials-especially glass, stainless steel and crystals- with precision instrumentation.

Storm watches are highly sculptural and almost architectural in shape and they aim to individual style. We can see all this in one of their bestseller the Storm Watch Trexon, available on our e-commerce. The Storm Trexon is a sporty looking watch with multifunction features. The 24 hour and date features make this watch a very useful accessory. And, in addition, it has a dual time function meaning you can keep track of the time in 2 time zones. The case is made of brushed stainless while lens are made of mineral. Other features are: a durable Japanese movement, the adjustable size fitting and the water resistance up to 50 m. Finely, it's available in different colors: blue, green and silver.

Storm Jewellery: unique and stylish

They maintain their innovative approach in the jewelry field, too. The goal of their designers is still to push the limits and look extremely original to provide unique items to its customers. Even in the making of jewelry they use quality materials and precision instrumentation to mix style and functionality. Storm Jewelry have a sculptural and almost architectural design, too. Both male and female collections include different styles ideal for any occasion and several models are available in different colors.

storm london for men online shop

Jewellery for men: steel and leather

The Secret Garden is also a certified retailer of Storm Jewelry, including rings, bracelets, cufflinks, and tie clips for men. The Storm Linked Bracelet features with black silicon rope and black steel fastening, is perfect for a casual outfit. While the Storm Etia Bracelet is in a black genuine leather rope and polished stainless steel fastening. That's the ideal accessorie for a trendy look. Or, even more, the Storm Warp Bracelet is made of stainless steel with a slide magnetic clasp, perfect for who seeks a more minimal and strong design. A similar style is that of Storm Rigel Bracelet available in brown and made of steel and genuine leather.

Storm produce not only bracelets for men, but also pendants such as the Stud Tag Pendant that has a stainless steel chain necklace with a studded dog tag pendant. Or the Storm Black Saddle Tag Pendant made of hard wearing, polished stainless steel with three unique symbols placed vertically on the pendant along with the logo stormman, while the pendant comes on a leather cord. The Storm Wayvo Ring is a polished ring of stainless steel and that features three inner rings which move and rotate. Moreover it's available in three different sizes. Finely, the most elegant among men's accessories: cufflinks. The Storm Cubex Cufflinks are made from highly polished stainless steel inlayed with black enamel and, moreover, is presented in official Storm packaging.

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Shop Storm jewellery for men on The Secret Garden!

On The Secret Garden you can shop all these and even more! Visit our website to learn more about all the Storm items available, about all the different styles, models and features.

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storm london online shop

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