Unode50 : modern accessories and jewellery for women

Take a moment to discover the new brand we introduced on our website: Unode50, the line with modern accessories and jewellery for women. The Spanish brand, with its vast collection, will give you a unique, confident, and original look for your modern life. There is no better way to shine than with a jewel, that is why we added Unode50 on our online jewelry shop, with the other featured brands.

History of the brand

Unode50 is founded in the 1990' and it is the Spanish label for 'One of 50'. The original idea, hence the reason for the name, was to create 50 units of each design to make people who bought a jewel feeling one of the 50 people who had it. The production increased due to the rapid success of the brand, and even so, it maintained the same name to conserve the connection and the values of its origin: quality and originality. Also Unode50's purpose continues to be the same, that is to say to provide modern accessories and jewellery for women.

Today Unode50 is a Global brand that appears in over 40 countries and possesses over 103 stores in the main cities of the world, such as Madrid, Rome, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Moscow, Mexico, and Panama.

Characteristics of Unode50

The brand formula is based on 3 key aspects: boldness, creativeness, and uniqueness. What makes Unode50 special is the procedure of creation of its jewels, in fact, each piece is handcrafted in Spain through an incredible artisanal process. Thanks to the extraordinary and detailed process the pieces bring a remarkable artisanal look to those who wear them.

unode50 UK store


 There is a mix of materials used for the creation of the pieces, not only Swarovski crystals, natural stones, and the others listed below, but also other types of material, handmade Spanish glass beads for instance.
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The products are a combination of a mixed alloy base, which can be layered and worn every day, and the brands 'secret formula'. The pieces are then plated with 15-25 microns of sterling silver. All the products are with no nickel and hypoallergenic. If you are wondering how to shine the jewels up, you can simply use the connoisseurs silver cleaning wipes provided.

Shop Unode50 at The Secret Garden

On our website you can find the product of Unode50 that fits you better.

Golden, silver, and leather necklaces, with wonderful trinkets. Each charm has a different significant, choose the one that reflects your personality.

unode50 jewellery

UNOde50 Necklace 'Longdragonfly' - Long silver-plated necklace with a silver-plated dragonfly trinket. Hand-crafted in Spain.


Bracelets and rings with crystals for a casual look or with pearls for an elegant one. If you're looking for a gift, you have so many choices on our catalog.

unode50 ring

UNOde50 Ring 'Mrs Begum's Soul' - A jewel reminiscent of the authentic bindi, the third eye, symbol of wisdom and status, represented in its hypnotic central teardrop-shaped stone and made of white SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystal.

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UNOde50 Bracelet 'Another round, oh oh oh…!' - Unique elastic bracelet made with rounded beads, a silver-plated hoop and a white pearl. Hand-crafted in Spain.


Unode50 doesn't limit its production to jewels, it presents in its collection also modern accessories, such as unique key rings, belts or watches for urban women. The brand's objective is to meet the needs of every woman and make her feel special.

Last info for your purchase at Unode50

Unode50 offers a Two-Year warranty with each piece of UNO. Make sure you give a warranty card with every purchase and date it.

Also, EU delivery is free of charge if you spend more than £80.

What are you waiting for? Check Unode50 british online shop on our website!

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