Vaccari Venezia Jewellery: "sculptures to wear" made in Italy

With a centenary tradition of jewels making, the Vaccari family is one of the most expert in Murano glass processing. Combining tradition, technique and innovation the Vaccari Venezia Jewellery catalog of The Secret Garden offers "sculptures to wear" straight from Venice's canals.

The origin of the brand

Since the 19th century, the Vaccari family's imagination has been fuelled with light as ancient as Venice. The source of this light is their knowledge of "lavorazione a lume", or glass lampworking, a tradition as warm as fire and primordial as colour, turning Murano glass canes into beautiful jewellery made of Venetian beads.

Augusto Vaccari and his son Antonio were the importers of this tradition into modern times, introducing their lampwork glass creations into France and England and for the first time, Vaccari's creations became famous outside of Venice. Their Venetian beads were inspired by golden colors of the Byzantine era: shiny mosaic beads, pieces of art overflowing with gold, silver and murrina patterns.
Giorgio Vaccari and his son Federico, who arrived to the fourth generation, continue to protect the unique features of the production of pearls.making, still trusting the expert hands of traditional craftswomen to guard the secrets of these magical creations of Venetian beads and preserve the art of yesterday.

About Vaccari Venezia Jewellery

Murano glass jewels are synonymous with class and elegance. Colorful and with fine motifs the Vaccari's pieces are timeless.

The Secret Garden offers on its catalog a wide selection of products made in Venice by Italian experts.

There are Vaccari bracelets in different colors, from black and gold to pink and grey.

Vaccari Venezia Bracelet Black and Gold

Amazing earrings are completely handmade with the finest materials and a wide range of colors to choose.

Vaccari Venezia Earrings Turquoise and Gold

The Secret Garden presents a huge amount of beautiful Vaccari necklaces for every occasion. You can find the Royal Blue and Gold Glass Beads a necklace full of murano glasses and the minimal Short Necklace Red and Gold.

Vaccari Venezia Jewellery
Vaccari Venezia Short Necklace Royal Blue and Gold Glass Beads

If you're searching for something that makes you feel the Venice soul the necklaces with the pendant are made for you. Oval or heart-shaped pendants made of Murano glass with extreme precision making and care for details.


Purchasing a Vaccari jewel you are sure to buy something unique and authentic. Every piece is indeed handmade and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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