Antica Murrina Jewellery

Antica Murrina: the centenary artistic work on glass

Antica Murrina talks about an Italian story beginning in Venice

Antica Murrina Jewellery


Fashion, tradition, design and workmanship are the elements that combine the mission of Antica Murrina. Its important values are uniqueness and authenticity.
The experience of the management combined with the passion of Voltolina family and their big love for glass is the key to success for Antica Murrina.
Thanks to its craftsmanship and production capacity, Antica Murrina produces unique items unfolding ancient history.
The combination of tradition and dynamic reality are important elements to introduce worldwide an Italian design quality product since 1980.

The very name of the company and its first logo were thought following the name of the typical Venetian manufacture created by using the hand pulled Millefiori glass canes.

Values, uniqueness, tradition, and sustainability of Antica Murrina

Uniqueness, passion, innovation, and design are Antica Murrina's primary values. Glass, the main material, is an eco-friendly natural element, 100% recyclable. It is its trademark and it helps the brand to have a future vision between sustainability and design.

Antica Murrina Jewellery

The primary value is the uniqueness of all the handmade beads created by our glass masters. They know perfectly the secrets of the traditional Venetian techniques and the glass canes from the island of Murano. Every single jewel with his small bubbles and glass inclusions and the variability of colours make it always different by another one. Every single piece is unique and inimitable.

The Venetian tradition is an important part of the brand. Glass canes are created on the island of Murano and they are handcrafted following ancient techniques handed down from master to master.
The inspiration for every collection comes from Venice, its Laguna and its beautiful sites.

Being eco-friendly is an important mission for Antica Murrina. Glass is a never-ending recyclable element, thanks to the following tradition whose respecting the environment. Glass is a delicate but strong element, and unique thanks to its transparency and malleability. Glass originates from the fusion of natural elements and amorphous powders which come back to life through fire.

Antica Murrina Jewellery

Antica Murrina Jewellery

Antica Murrina offers a unique variety of precious jewels. Every jewel is a unique and handmade piece.

The Venetian brand offers bracelets, earrings, necklaces, long necklaces and rings.

Antica Murrina bracelets are made for every taste: simple, original, elegant, shiny, big, small, funny,...


antica murrina jewellery

For example, a simple one is Antica Murrina Infinity Pink Heart Bracelet, available also in other colors like red, green and blue. But if you want an elegant bracelet, Antica Murrina Murano Glass Bracelet Optical Black Silver is the perfect one.

The brand offers a different type of earrings: from the simple one to the elegant pendants.

Antica Murrina Jewellery UK online store

Necklaces and long necklaces are made for everybody. For example, Antica Murrina Redentore Necklace Long Pastel is a simple but elegant one. Antica Murrina Murano Glass Smeralda Chocker Red Grey is perfect for every day.

antica murrina uk online store

For rings' lovers, Antica Murrina has some fashion ones: the elegant accessory to look different from the other ones.

Antica Murrina Jewellery

Shop Antica Murrina on The Secret Garden

On The Secret Garden, you can shop all of the Antica Murrina Jewellery. Here you can find bracelets, necklaces, long necklaces, earrings and rings. The jewels are made for every taste, so look our website and start to create your style with these precious and unique glass jewels!


Antica Murrina Jewellery

January 16, 2019
The latest trend of silver jewellery : discover the brand Tianguis Jackson

The latest trend of silver jewellery : discover the brand Tianguis Jackson

If you like precious silver jewellery then you have to take a look at the brand Tianguis Jackson. The Secret Garden offers you the latest pieces of the collection. You can find it in the brand section from the home page of The Secret Garden.

Tianguis Jackson is a jewellery designer from Mexico. His collection is only composed of silver jewellery. Elegant and precious, you can find the jewellery made for you thanks to the different style offered is the collection. Every type of jewellery is available, you can find necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, chokers, pendants, bangles and even brooches.

Tianguis Jackson UK Jewellery

You like the concept but you don’t know which kind of jewellery is made for you ? Here is a selection of Tianguis Jackson’s masterpieces available on The Secret Garden.


A wide range of Tianguis Jackson earrings for all styles

On The Secret Garden website you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to find the Tianguis Jackson perfect earrings. Many styles, symbols and shapes are available with the particularity of be all made of silver.

Tianguis Jackson silver earrings

Here is the first pair of earrings, the Tianguis Jackson silver three open circles drop earrings. Made of Sterling silver 925, these drop earrings are precious and elegant. You can wear them in daily life or for specials occasions such as parties or ceremonies.

However, if you prefer more original shapes then the Tianguis Jackson silver feather drop earrings can suit you. Two long and beautiful feather shaped earrings, ideals when you like creativity, originality and dangling earrings. Other feather shaped earrings are also available with a hook as clasp.


If you don’t really like dangling earrings then take a look at the Tianguis Jackson silver knot stud earrings, more simple but as design as the other, offering a discrete and elegant look.

You’re looking for really elegant earrings with reasonable price ? The Secret Garden has the earrings set for you. Take a look at the Tianguis Jackson silver textured square drops earrings. These square drops earrings, with one hammered and one smooth square are the most stylish earrings. The cost? £31.90, moreover they are delivered in the official Tianguis Jackson packaging.


Tianguis Jackson precious silver necklaces and bracelets

Tianguis Jackson silver necklaces

You ears are not pierced ? Don’t worry, on The Secret Garden you will also find wonderful necklaces and bracelets

For example, to get the most fancy, precious and elegant style we advise you to choose the combination of the Tianguis Jackson silver little sticks necklace and bracelet.

These necklace and bracelet are hand made in Mexico, made of Sterling Silver 925 with little ball-end at every chain link and with a t-bar fastening. The necklace is approximately 45 cm and the bracelet 19 cm in length. They are both presented in the official Tianguis Jackson packaging. You can wear these precious jewelleries for special ceremonies or parties and look fancy and elegant.

Looking for a more casual look ? Here are two beautiful bangles, made of Sterling silver (925). The Tianguis Jackson double light tubular bangle and the all round hammered bangle. Perfects to wear in the daily life but also elegant thanks to their aesthetic and simple styles. You can easily wear these two bangles for many occasions.

If you prefer something more original the Tianguis Jackson star charm silver bracelet might be the best option for you. Made of Sterling Silver 925 (the hallmark 925 is shown for authentication), this beautiful bracelet is hand made in Mexico by Tianguis Jackson. It features a beautiful star cham and a t-bar fastening and has a length of 19 cm. Stylish and original, you can wear it in your everyday life and also for parties and special event.


If you liked one of this jewellery or if you want to discover the other pieces of the Tianguis Jackson collection you can buy them on our website The Secret Garden. Don't hesitate to have a look on the Tianguis Jackson section. You can also discover the other products available such as the rings, chokers, brooches or pendants.

MILENA Jewellery

On Secret Garden you can find also the beautiful collection by Milena.

This special brand offers you an exclusive line of jewellery made by amber and obviously silver.

The union of this two material creates awesome earrings and necklace. An example is the "MILENA necklace Silver and Amber Large tree of life", a beautiful necklace that unleashes magic.

MILENA Jewellery

November 29, 2018
Nikki Lissoni jewellery, an original concept of handcrafted coin

Nikki Lissoni jewellery, an original concept of handcrafted coin

The concept of the Nikki Lissoni jewellery is creating your own jewellery by matching a coin and a necklace, a bracelet, earrings or rings. These coins can be used in round pendants with different style, for all taste. Nikki Lissoni jewellery offers bracelets, bracelets with charm clipnecklaces with pendants where you can insert your coinearrings and also rings. But which Nikki Lissoni jewellery is made for you?
October 04, 2018
Trollbeads UK

Trollbeads, A success story of a Danish family

Trollbeads are a precious artisanal jewellery that you can customize as you wish. The danish brand Trollbeads is the brand who created the concept of a pearl on a bracelet. An original concept getting you quickly addicted. The Trollbeads jewellery principle is easy: you choose your bracelet, necklace or earrings and you can customize it with more than 600 differents pearls made of silver, gold, Murano glass or precious stones.
September 17, 2018
The history of Nomination Bracelet, from the 80's to the present, a bracelet giving emotions a name.

The history of Nomination Bracelet, from the 80's to the present, a bracelet giving emotions a name.

The story of Nomination Bracelet started in the 1980s in Florence (Italy) and nowadays the company still works with the same values which include passion, innovation, an excellent craftsmanship and the italian spirit.

How was this company born and where did the idea of Nomination Bracelet, a precious composable bracelet for everyone, originate? Here is the story of Nomination Bracelet over the years.
June 29, 2018

Netherlands customer & Trollbeads GBBB

Ending March and starting April, Trollbeads offered the "Great British Bracelet Bonanza" and

THE SECRET GARDEN gave a lot of this FREE bracelets to the customers.



One of our customers, from Netherlands, kindly sent us a picture of her beautiful bracelet to share with everybody the result!

We are always glad to make happy our customers and to offer good deals.

April 17, 2018

Mother's Day Event 2018


THE SECRET GARDEN supports Mother's Day & Customers organizing a warm and enjoyable event.
All customers enjoyed snacks and drinks ... and obtained a Goody bag per purchase!
We are pleased to give the best service to all that are preparing surprises to celebrate of such a familiar day.


March 07, 2018

Sanne and her work experience...

Tailored Languages, Private Leanguage Tuition company, gave to us the possibility to a german student made her work experience at THE SECRET GARDEN, top of town.
Milena Gervasoni (Owner to TSG) was very happy with her new recruit: "We would definitely have loved to have Sanne as a permanent member of staff because we consider her highly responsible, educated and a good team player when it comes to developing a professional activity"
At the images, you can see Sanne with the staff at The Secret Garden.
Thank you for the shared time Sanne!

November 12, 2017

Autumn Welcome 15% off first purchase !!!

October 03, 2017


November 21, 2016

Trollbeads October Offer


October Free Bracelet Promotion 

'Buy a lock, get a bracelet FREE!'

Add to your collection or introduce a friend! For a limited time only,
receive a FREE Sterling Silver Bracelet Chain with all Lock purchases!

Tuesday 18th – Monday 31st October

Email us with the length of bracelet required

October 16, 2016

Our new look....


Our story began three years ago when after ten successful years of running our shop in Basingstoke, we decided to launch a website to sell our lovely jewellery to people far and wide. It has been a real adventure with lots of ups and downs but we won't go into that right now.


This might be a good time to give you a little bit of background on our journey. We are a small family business from Bergamo, Italy. Anyone that has visited Bergamo will know what a magical place it is. Those who haven't are really in for a treat. Not that we're biased at all. One of the most fascinating characteristics is our old town which we call Citta Alta, built on a beautiful hillside. This historic and captivating city was the inspiration for our logo. 



As you may have already noticed, we have a new and exciting look which we are very proud to launch. We've worked very hard to bring a better and more modern website. Having listened to our loyal customers and overall feedback, we decided it was time to give our site a new feel


After several years of experience of selling online we thought it was time to give our customers a new shopping experience with improved and easier ordering process, a modern look, clearer images and better functionality.


As always we really value our customers feedback so if you have anything to say at all about our new look or the new shopping experience we want to hear from you. 

Please take the time to view our site and our wide variety of silver jewellery including brands such as Trollbeads, Nomination, Storm Watches, Nikki Lissoni and Kit Heath.


Lastly, but by no means least, we want to thank our customers for the support over the years and the time they've taken out of their busy lives to send us all the positive reviews. We couldn't have done it without you! Grazie mille a tutti! ❤️

October 03, 2016